Meg's 9 Tip for Outdoor Entertaining

Meg's 9 Tip for Outdoor Entertaining

When it comes to hosting the perfect outdoor gathering, it's the little details that can transform a simple gathering into a memorable soirée. From the soft glow of solar-powered fairy lights illuminating your backyard to the cozy throws draped over your patio furniture, these small touches can make all the difference in creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

In this blog post, our founder, Meg, is sharing nine expert tips to elevate your outdoor entertaining game during this season of transition from Summer to Fall. From clever storage solutions to table setting ideas and even a furry friend-friendly reminder, we've got you covered with all the tricks to make your outdoor gatherings a success. So, let's dive into these creative tips that will help you turn any gathering into a delightful experience for both you and your guests.


Tip 1: Invest in mood lighting. Surprise― it can be inexpensive! Try ordering solar powered fairy lights in Mason jars... they are easy to place and/or hang all over with a gorgeous effect, and they're environmentally friendly with no cords to deal with. I've also found a (used, but like new) umbrella for our dining table that has built-in, solar powered lighting inside of the umbrella. A feature we didn't even know to look for, but LOVE! 

Tip 2: Keep a larger storage basket outside with a few cozy throws for those who might get a bit chilled once the sun goes down. Try lightweight felt throws for a space saving option that is gorgeous, unique, and the perfect year-round weight. 

Dining outdoors at night

Tip 3: Use small felted or woven baskets to hold utensils napkins for a tidy look, and to avoid a slight breeze sending you chasing. Try our Ukhamba Bowls, which come in a wide range of colors and patterns. 

Tip 4: Wider felt bowls are ideal for fruit, flower or herb displays. You can spritz a little lemon or clove oil on them to keep those lingering, late summer fruit flies at bay. 

day time outdoor tablescape

Tip 5: Smaller, individual or shared servers for bread and condiments look elegant and actually help avoid table clutter, and lots of movement or passing back and forth, so your guests can focus on fun and conversation while enjoying every edible element you have to offer. Our new Coco Africa collection, which is launching soon, has several such pieces that are already staples. The Trio Tapas Set, Bread and Butter Plate, Shio Bowls and Salt Pods are some of our favorites. 

Tip 6: Repurpose egg trays and other useful kitchen storage items to make unique serving holders for canapes, ice cream, or other small bite, individually served appetizers and treats.

gallery photo of coco Africa serving collection

Tip 7: Add just a touch of decor to your table setting to make it special. It need not be seasonal or purchased for the occasion, just a few favorites repurposed from other areas around your home can look fresh and elegant. Add a dash of fresh outdoor flowers, herbs or stalks that are appropriate to the season or location, and you've got a subtle, classy theme ready to go. 

Tip 8: Focus on foods that can be enjoyed in a tapas-like manner, instead of on hot foods that might get cold quickly now that the air is a bit more brisk. There are so many ways to get creative with this! These foods and this style of serving are also usually faster to make, and easier to clean up (maybe more small plates, but less mess). 

Tip 9: And maybe this is just my house... but keep a squirt water bottle handy as a reminder to furry loved ones that the food is not for them (yet)! 


Incorporating these tips will not only transform your outdoor gatherings into unforgettable experiences but also ensure that every moment is filled with warmth, comfort, and shared joy. So, as the sun sets and your guests revel in the cozy ambience, the delights of good company, and delectable tapas, you'll know that your outdoor entertaining game is truly on point. Cheers to making cherished memories in style!

I invite you to shop our full entertaining and serving collection and be sure to keep an eye out on this assortment as we will be launching some new pieces to help you host in style this season. XO, Meg