Shop kanju Global, Locally at Mysa

Shop kanju Global, Locally at Mysa

Hello Y'all,

Justine here...if you've never exchanged an email or phone call with me, I handle kanju's business development and wholesale relations. I wanted to personally introduce this showroom spotlight because of all the fond memories I have of visiting New England in the Fall. There's pretty much nothing better!

Growing up, my family spent many a fall season (and winters for that matter) in Vermont doing everything from pumpkin patches to maple syrup tours. You will find some of the most quaint towns in the U.S. there, and the boutiques are incredible. So when MYSA reached out to us to partner, we absolutely jumped at the chance! If you've never been to Vermont, I would encourage you to look into it and pop into MYSA's shop for some gorgeously curated goods and even better people. 



Mysa - Shelburne, VT 

Home. Body. Soul.

Mysa is a lifestyle-focused boutique by women and for women who prioritize health and wellness, and who crave beautiful, long-lasting things for themselves and their homes. Mysa aims to offer a mindfully curated retail experience that cultivates a sense of coziness and contentment for home, body, and soul.
Shelburne is a town in southwestern Chittenden County in Vermont; nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Champlain.  Shelburne is a suburb of Vermont largest city, Burlington and lies 7 miles south of the city center.  The town is home to many tourist attractions, including Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, Shelburne Farms, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Vineyard, and Fiddlehead Brewery.

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Q: What is your background and how did Mysa come about?

A: Katie and I are yoga instructors who were looking to branch out into something new. We sought to create a retail vibe (answer to the next question) that mimicked the feeling of yoga. Hence the name Mysa, which is derived from the Swedish word  mysig, which means to be cozy and content. Everything we source for the store is made with the utmost integrity and care. We want customers to be able to feel and smell everything. It is about creating an environment for yourself and others that is soft and soothing and beautiful.

Q: What is your store aesthetic / vibe?

A: Comfy and cozy and accessible.

Q: What is the aesthetic of most of your clientele and where are they located? 

A: Our clients are mostly local Vermonters. Our focus is almost entirely on our brick & mortar store. Our customers appreciate unique things made by hand or by small companies. Things you cannot readily find online - and hopefully never on Amazon. We always strive to offer our customers things they wouldn't find elsewhere in town or hopefully even elsewhere in the state.
As moms and yoga teachers, we crafted a vision for a wellness-focused retail space for women in our community. A place that feels both inviting and inspiring; a place that feels like home. We are so excited to share our vision with you.
                                                                                    - Jen and Katie 

Q: How has COVID affected your business / showroom opening?

A: ​​​​​​​We closed for two months in March of 2020, which was tough because we had just opened in October 2019. But we learned a lot real fast, and have had the benefit of residing in a town that is committed to supporting small business and whose residents prefer to shop locally.

Q:​​​ Has COVID affected your ordering and lead times in regards to freight and shipping issues? How?

A: Yes. Our candle makers have a hard time sourcing glass vessels, and some of our jewelry makers have had a difficult  time sourcing beads. So some things are not arriving on time, if at all. We fill in the gaps with other items. We always keep Mysa shelves  fresh a nd full - even if it means moving on to a plan B.

Q: What trends are you seeing in home design and what are your clients asking for?

A: They want to surround themselves with cozy things - blankets, pillows, candles. Anything to freshen up their indoor spaces after so much time inside. 

Q:​​​ What are your personal favorite kanju products and do they mimic your client favorites or are they different?

A: We love all the baskets!!! So fun and versatile!