The kanju Collector

The kanju Collector is someone we think of often… someone who values beauty derived from unique materials, thoughtful application, impeccable craft, adventurous innovation and the indescribable magic of a sum that is greater than its parts. kanju customers are generally well travelled and steeped in experiences that involve high taste and special access; whether it be fine foods, beautiful landscapes, unique and lovely items, once in a lifetime adventures or daring experiences, they’ve seen it all (or at least a lot!)— and as a result, they know how to spot and actively seek out the most unique pieces that will bring personality, perspective, and a fresh conversation to the spaces they inhabit. Through both experience and imagination, they value a concept of luxury that is defined not only from a price tag, but also through the exclusivity of purpose, story and one of a kind construction and curation. They look for pieces that are distinctive and specific, with charm that is both rare and universal. Our kanju Collectors live with a bold sense of play, and they curate spaces that are elegant, eclectic, personal and embodied.

The kanju client will notice glossy iridescence on the surface of an indigo textile, crinkle its fibers to feel the dye’s sweet stickiness, and savor the aromas released by earthy indigo, loomed by hand in small batches. They will approach a gorgeous linen throw pillow with white beads in a flurried spiral and take a closer look to notice the beads are actually tiny seashells, each curled into its own spiral, mimicking and embodying the overall design. Our customers knows that each and every moment is precious and alive with the potential for magic and a good story. They are looking for the “real thing” and know that real things are deceptively difficult to come by… The objects and works of art with which kanju customers surround themselves are gorgeous and unique when seen, but more importantly, they’re objects that are experienced and felt.

kanju Collectors know that the real things in life aren’t the things at all, but shared moments of connection, adventure and joy merely expressed through their refined collections of treasures—bright stars in the room that set the stage for great experiences, great discoveries, shared stories and magical memories.

One of a kind

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