The New Plantr Collection: Growing Green

The New Plantr Collection: Growing Green

Beautiful planters designed for positive impact, healthier environments, and feel-good spaces

kanju has been carrying planters since we first opened in 2018. Our collection of planters initially focused on a beautiful architectural range comprised of large pieces, primarily for outdoor and hospitality use. While we still love the impact of large pieces, and we have many beautiful new options in this space also, for some time we have been looking to expand our range to include a broader selection of styles and prices to accommodate all of our customers for their unique spaces... In particular, a wider range of indoor options with a variety of display styles. More and more, people want to bring a bit of the outdoors in with home gardens, and we want to be a part of helping our customers find beautiful ways to embrace this green lifestyle. 

At last, we began a conversation and then a partnership with a very special company in South Africa, Plantr, to offer their range of planters in the US for the first time. 

One of the things we love most about the Plantr collection is the unique selection of wall and hanging planters to complement the standalone pot options. We have been crushing on the idea of living walls for awhile, helping to bring more greenery into the home for both wellness and aesthetic. We have heard from many customers during the past couple of years who started or expanded herb or indoor gardens, and who want a range of smaller-scale options for a larger variety of plants and the ability to build their projects over time, and we are thrilled to support these new planting projects.

It was also important for us to look for a company that shares our values of things being eco-friendly, handmade, and sustainable. Plantr has a deep knowledge of plants and planting that they share with their community and that that we are excited to pass along to you - our planter community doesn't stop with just the purchase of the pot! As you grow your collection of plants, you can count on helpful advise for years to come.

kanju is extremely excited to offer a wider range planters for you, and we encourage you to explore the new range and dream of all the ways you can now grow your green projects to include different shapes and styles! 

 About Plantr

Plantr design and manufacture stunning pieces as part of a new generation of thinkers. Their team understands that beautiful design and conscious living go hand in hand. With nature and greenery being a core focus, Plantr provides beautiful products designed for positive impact, healthier environments, and feel-good spaces.

With a passion for all things green and an obsession with design, Plantr has a unique offering of stunning, high-end planters and plant containment solutions.  

Plantr is a young and energetic team that share a vision: to integrate greenery within our cities in the most tasteful, design-centric and sustainable ways. Their love for creating and innovating has taken them on this journey, as they continue to find edgy and practical ways to bring more plants into our spaces. 

The team at Plantr believes plants and greenery have a positive impact on our lives and play an immense role in creating a sustainable future. Therefore, the amalgamation of plants and great design drives them forward. Every new plant brought into our concrete ecosystems makes a difference. 

Plantr offers a range of beautiful planters that are made to order, exclusively available at kanju in the United States, as well as a dynamic custom planter design solution. In 2023, we expect to be carrying a few more models available in stock in the US, but customers will always be able to select the exact mix of sizes and color finishes for their perfect green space.  

What We Love About Plantr

These custom designed planters are constructed from a vast array of high-quality materials and finished off with high-spec coatings. Each planter is carefully designed and manufactured to be durable and to withstand the extreme weather conditions. The manufacturing process adheres to high spec standards and procedures to ensure only the best quality product is produced. The materials and finishes used have been tried and tested in harsh environments, which gives us complete confidence to stand behind products that will age naturally within their environment.   

Plantr also offers complete custom design solutions. With the capacity to design and manufacture in-house, superior-quality and detail are maintained throughout the process.

Some of the materials that are included in the new planter collection: Corten Steel | Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Treated Steel | Concrete & Cement | Cork | Specialized Wood | Garapa | Balau | Iroko & more…

 Plantr provides beautiful products designed for positive impact, healthier environments, and feel-good spaces

conica planter

Customize Your Planter

If you are looking for a custom size or color for your planter, please email us at Join us in growing green and shop the full planter collection.