Healthy Home: 5 Wellness Benefits of Wool

Healthy Home: 5 Wellness Benefits of Wool

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Wool is one of our tried-and-true go-to textiles for all over the home. It’s durable and luxurious, and we love the way it looks in all forms. But wool has other benefits, too: It’s eco-friendly, water-resistant, antibacterial, and even helps regulate the temperature in a space.

So, when it comes time to style your next room, we have put together some healthy home benefits of choosing wool. 

Moisture wicking
Wool absorbs a small amount of liquid into the core of its fibers, but it also wicks moisture out through small openings within the fabric. The result is that the surface of wool yarns remains dry to the touch. ⁠

Naturally antimicrobial
Because wool does not hold moisture, it is less likely to be a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, mites and other unpleasantries that may visit us in our home environment.

Fun Fact: Weaving wool is an ancient practice: the oldest known woven wool textile in Europe was found preserved in a Danish bog. And is estimated to date from 1500 BCE

It’s sustainable & biodegradable
Wool is completely biodegradable and a renewable resource. It’s got a long lifespan and is frequently and easily recycled and reused.

There is significantly less energy used during wool processing compared with manufacturing man-made fibers. Wool production produces lower carbon dioxide emissions and therefore has a low carbon footprint on the earth and helps to restore a much healthier environment. 

It could help you sleep better
Research is now investigating the health and wellbeing benefits of wool. Wool bedding and blankets have been associated with a better night’s sleep, promoting sleep onset and improving sleep efficiency.  Merino wool has also been found to help people that suffer from chronic skin conditions, despite misconceptions of it being “itchy”, due to its moisture and temperature management qualities.

Temperature Regulating
Often people perceive that wool is hot, but in fact it has a protective fiber which reacts to changes in temperature so it is great all year round.

Thin fibers allow tiny air pockets in the fabric to trap your body heat, which provides superb insulation. As moisture evaporates on hot days, the air in these pockets cools and keeps you feeling comfortable.

There are plenty of reasons to choose wool for your home. These are just a few. Next time you are thinking about home design ideas, don't forget about this wonder material.

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