The Tonga Stools: Hand-Carved, Age-Old Beauty

The Tonga Stools: Hand-Carved, Age-Old Beauty

"Form follows function. That has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in spiritual union." - Frank Lloyd Wright

And what better example of this than the age-old Tonga Stool?

These delightful little stools have been crafted for millennia. They are hand carved from a single piece of wood by the Tonga people, a group of people belonging to the Bantu ethnic group that today reside primarily in southern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe. 

These stools are still created for both form and functionality. Sturdy enough to sit on and quite comfortable, they are also small enough to showcase as unique tabletop and shelf décor. They also make unique and charming serving displays to create a bit of height for your tablespace. 

Each is carved to incorporate unique lines, shapes, and patterns, making it easy to transport but also breath-taking to behold. Although each is unique, all follow the same age-old formula of simple geometric shapes to create their sturdy but beautiful bases, making it possible to mix and match large groupings and collect them over time.   

Hand-carved from a single piece of wood, the Tonga stool is a genuine artifact. These stools were status symbols for elders of the nomadic Tonga people and they carried significant meaning then and now.

Cheers to traditional African décor and all the richness it has to offer to people all over the world! 

Discover the One-Of-A-Kind Treasure of a Tonga Stool