Moroccan Inspiration in Your Home

Moroccan Inspiration in Your Home

When Vikki contacted us to share that our collections had inspired her and had her thinking about beloved past trips to Africa, we were ECSTATIC! Connecting people across the world through unique handcrafts that evoke special experiences and journeys is our passion.

Below is an excerpt of Vikki's thoughts about her time in Morocco and her favorite Moroccan-inspired design ideas, as well as a link to her lovely blog page, where you can read about plenty of other topics, too!

To see a few of Vikki's favorite pieces from kanju that inspired her article, see below...


Like most of you I am seriously missing travel both near and far right now. So much of my design inspiration comes from my experiences with other cultures and places. A few years ago, I visited Marrakech, Morocco for some design inspiration and life experience. This trip did not disappoint, and I came home with much more than I could have even imagined!
The sights and sounds were a sensory overload; everything about the city was intoxicating. The culture is so rich in tradition, ritual, and practice, and seeing that commitment to their way of life in daily motion made me feel humbled and privileged to be there. Not to mention the textiles, hand-thrown pottery, rugs, and glassware–OH MY! As an artful designing soul, I was in HEAVEN!


One of the amazing parts of the trip was the exposure to the artisan goods of the region. In particular, being able  to shop for some incredible  Moroccan rugs. These rugs have inspired some of my Bohemian interior design projects as well as Wabi-Sabi and Scandinavian interior design projects. I have even channeled the inspiration from some of my new work with the Japandi interior design trend. These rugs encompass a plethora of design styles from simple color and pattern to more intricate and bold designs and color! There is something for every design style and as unique as they are, they provide simplicity, texture, warmth and can provide either subtle or bold color. Now that is a win!
While international travel has halted, I have selected some of my favorite rugs from kanju Interiors to inspire your interior projects.


Travel has always provided me with unexpected treasures and Kanju Interiors has curated some amazing African Luxury items to choose from. We may not be globe-trotting right now, but that doesn’t have to stop us from finding inspiring hand-crafted pieces that are perfect for our homes.

Vikki's kanju favorites for your Travel inspired home: 


Wherever you’re longing to travel, remember you can still experience travels unexpected treasures by curating your home.

Veronica “Vikki” Werbalowsky, a self-taught interior designer with over 25 years of practicing in Atlanta, entrepreneur, content creator, and founder of La Bella Vie has taken an unconventional approach to just about everything her entire life. Living true to herself is what has guided her passion and her career for over 30 years.

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