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Modern Boho Ada Papier Blue and Peach Paper Vase

Modern Boho Ada Papier Blue and Peach Paper Vase

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Transform your living space with the artistic allure of the Ada Paper Vase, a masterpiece intricately handcrafted by talented artists with a commitment to eco-conscious materials. Made from environmentally friendly recycled paper, the Ada Paper Vase combines the essence of African decor with opulent artistry, making it a standout piece for any setting.

Key Features:

  • Meticulously handcrafted with attention to detail
  • Made from environmentally conscious recycled paper
  • African Decor inspired for an authentic touch
  • Unique, with each vase bearing a distinctive number
  • Personally signed by the artist for exclusivity
  • Perfect blend of luxury and sustainability

Discover the diverse world of our Ada Paper Vase Collection at Kanju Interiors. With each piece telling a story of its own, these vases not only serve as decorative treasures but also eco-conscious statements. Whether you're looking for a single piece or an ensemble to transform an entire room, explore the unmatched beauty of our vases today.


  • Measurement 6"D x 6"H
  • Materials Eco-friendly recycled paper and other natural fibers
  • Color Pale Pink, Blue Cerulean
  • Origin South Africa


The EnlightenMe Studio― Papier Art Vases

At kanju Interiors, we are passionate about creating unique and inspiring pieces that reflect the beauty and diversity of African design. We believe that home décor should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Our Papier Vase Collection, a result of this collaboration, embodies the seamless fusion of artistic expression and sustainable practices. Crafted by a skilled artist, these vases showcase the beauty of repurposed materials and innovative design.

The Papier Vase Collection reimagines the potential of paper as a medium for creativity. Using recycled paper and other sustainable materials, our artisans meticulously handcraft each vase, infusing it with unique textures, patterns, and colors. The result is a stunning array of vases that serve as functional art pieces, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior.

The kanju journal: Handmade with Love― EnlightenMe

Care & Maintenance

To minimize the accumulation of dust, you can easily eliminate it by using a damp cloth, or gently brushing or vacuuming with a soft brush.

Our vessels undergo sealing with an environmentally friendly sealant, enhancing their durability while making them resistant to water and stains. It's important to note, however, that they are not entirely waterproof. Therefore, please refrain from immersing them in water or filling them with liquids.

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