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Dor+Kie Kiaat Wood Napkin Rings

Dor+Kie Kiaat Wood Napkin Rings

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Hand-carved, faceted wood napkin rings are available in a variety of woods and add equal parts elegance and drama to any table setting. Each Napkin Ring is unique in the overall shape and arrangement of the facets, but all have the same inner ring dimension. They are sanded to a very fine, smooth finish and oiled with food-safe Danish wood oil. The Kiaat Rings are made from slightly thicker pieces of wood, so they are a bit bigger in scale. The Kiaat wood has a beautiful luster and a straight grain with streaks in a medium to light brown. 


  • Measurements Exterior dimensions 3.5"D x 0.85"H
    Inner Ring diameter 1.4"
  • Materials American Black Walnut wood and brass
  • Origin South Africa


Nature Inspired Elegance by Dor+Kie [o]bjects

Inspired by the pure allure of nature-made materials, Dor+Kie [o]bjects creates exquisite home accessories that marry elegance and sophistication with everyday function. Every piece is meticulously crafted with a deep appreciation for the art of handwork and the soulful beauty of natural wood.

From their Cape Town home studio, husband and wife duo Diana and James bring each design to life with their exceptional, complementary skills and attention to detail. Together, they orchestrate a fascinating exploration of conventional materials through the prism of the extraordinary, resulting in objects of unparalleled quality.

The design philosophy of Dor+Kie [o]bjects revolves around simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. From the selection of premium materials to the careful shaping and finishing, every step of the process reflects the brand's dedication to creating objects of enduring value that can be beloved for generations. The clean lines, subtle textures, and balanced proportions embody a sense of tranquility and harmony that integrates seamlessly into any living space.

The artist couple takes great pride in their commitment to sustainability, prioritizing their environmental impact, and ensuring the longevity of their products and a legacy of refined and conscientious living.

Care & Maintenance

Style in a dry place. Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Wood will patina and darken slightly with age.

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