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Modern Boho Wool Rug: Murrma Rug

Modern Boho Wool Rug: Murrma Rug

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8-12 WEEKS
Indulge yourself in the craftsmanship of our Murrma, inspired by nature and named for the pattern that waves make on the sand as tides ebb and flow. Exquisitely woven from the highest quality, South African karakul wool, this rug features an organic design that is both timeless and modern, creating an elegant yet minimalistic statement to warm up any interior. Enjoy its long-lasting durability and natural pallet for decades to come. All of the fibers are natural and completely dye-free. The rug is fully reversible, and karakul wool is naturally moisture and stain resistant, flame resistant, and temperature stabilizing, making it not only a beautiful heirloom addition to your home, but a practical and healthful one as well. 


  • Measurements See options above, or request custom sizing
  • Materials Karakul Wool
  • Colors: Natural White base, Light Gray and Charcoal Pattern
  • Origin South Africa

Woven-Just-For-You by our Master Weavers

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Handwoven Just-For-You Luxury Rugs by Coral & Hive

“My dream would be to see a shift in people buying consciously for their homes - special items that have soul and a story, that were made with love and talent. Sustainable heirloom items that make you slow down and unwind. I want clients to feel connected to the art of weaving and the beauty of that piece as it lives in their home.” ~ Jeannine Birch, Founder

To have a Coral & Hive rug underfoot is to ground yourself on a natural foundation. Each rug is a unique creation, lovingly crafted and touched by many hands. The making process involves the weaving together of many elements. From the ethical sourcing of local natural fibers, to artful design by the creative team in Cape Town and London, to our large wooden looms in South Africa and recently, also in India, where singing artisans spin and weave the final creations by hand, using skills that have been passed down through generations.

Our African fiber rugs are made using pure karakul wool and mohair, ethically sourced from sheep and goats that graze freely under the African sun. Karakul wool is beautifully textured and naturally coated in lanolin, making it organic and durable. Mohair is a silky, sumptuous fiber that is soft to the touch. We blend these fibers to create truly unique, textured living rugs.

Each Coral & Hive rug is made-to-order, ensuring that every piece is unique and personalized to the customer's specifications. From the choice of colors to the pattern and size, every detail is carefully considered and executed with precision and skill. Then, line-by-line, the wool is passed back and forth through the warp and the rug begins to take shape. When complete, the rug is knotted, finished, checked and wrapped up to travel to its forever home. Depending on the size, intricacy of the weave and fibre chosen, the rug can take 10-16 weeks to weave.

Learn more about this magnificent group of women and their custom creations in our kanju Journal, Karoo and Karakul Luxury Rug Collection.

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Care & Maintenance

Style indoors or outdoors in a dry place. Vacuum using a brush-free setting. Best to hand wash as gently as possible in cool water with mild, wool-friendly soap or have professionally cleaned.

Shipping Information

All pieces are made to order once sizing is selected; please allow 8 - 16 weeks for finishing and shipping. Additional shipping costs might be incurred post-purchase. Should you reject the freight quote, we will refund the entire order. View kanju Shipping Policy.

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