Handmade with Love― Woven Home

Handmade with Love― Woven Home

Woven Home, founded by Lindi Dawson, stands as a harmonious blend of heritage and modern craftsmanship, embodying timeless design and cultural storytelling. This family-driven brand draws deep inspiration from Cape Town's rich culture and natural beauty, infusing their furniture with organic textures and natural materials that reflect the spirit of their surroundings. At the heart of their creations is the traditional South African riempie weaving technique, which they have lovingly preserved and innovated upon for contemporary interiors. In this interview, Lindi shares the journey of Woven Home, highlighting their commitment to quality craftsmanship and meaningful design. Looking to the future, she envisions expanding their reach while staying true to their roots, collaborating with like-minded artisans, and celebrating the cultural threads that weave us together. Join us as we delve into the stories behind Woven Home’s unique pieces and their partnership with kanju Interiors.

This interview below was completed by Lindi Dawdon, the founder of Woven Home.

kanju: What inspired your family to start Woven Home?

Lindi: Our family bond and shared passion for craftsmanship fueled our creative drive and led us to start Woven Home. Our love of woodworking and weaving, resulted in the desire to craft furniture pieces that showcase a woven element; with natural textures and tones and clean lines to add interest to any space they are added to.

kanju: Who or what primarily inspires you and in what ways does Cape Town shape your creative designs?

Lindi: Cape Town’s unique blend of natural beauty, diverse culture and the artistic spirit of our heritage play a big role in our designs. The woven essence of each piece is symbolic of the threads that bind us together and we focus on using natural materials, organic textures and craftsmanship from local cultures to create pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

The woven essence of each piece is symbolic of the

threads that bind us together.

kanju: How do you ensure that each piece of furniture tells a story of thoughtful design and lasting endurance?

Lindi: We create furniture that beautifully combines functionality with timeless design, using high quality materials and handcrafted techniques infused with storytelling that celebrates heritage and culture.

kanju: What are some of the key traditions in furniture making that you preserve, and how have you innovated upon them?

Lindi: We preserve the tradition of weaving that holds such a significance in Africa. By using different materials to weave, and using them not only for functionality but also aesthetics, we preserve this craft by adapting it to modern furniture designs, while retaining its authentic charm.

kanju: Can you tell us a bit about the raw riempies and its significance in artisanal heritage with interior design and beyond?

Lindi: The word ‘riempie’ refers to the rawhide/leather strips used to weave furniture pieces and involves interlacing the strips to form a supportive surface, commonly used for chairs and benches. This technique has deep historical roots in South Africa and was introduced by early European settlers. It became a popular craft due to the availability of indigenous materials like animal hides and over time the craft evolved as a practical and aesthetically pleasing method of furniture construction. The technique spread across various communities, blending European design with local materials and craftsmanship, contributing to the distinctive charm of riempie furniture in South Africa. Raw riempie is untreated with aluminum sulphate unlike to white riempie that is readily used. This offers exceptional longevity and durability along with an aesthetically pleasing tone and texture.

kanju: What characteristics do you think make a piece of furniture timeless?

Lindi: The quality of materials used, simple design, expert craftsmanship and a neutral color palette all adds to the emotional connection evoked from furniture pieces that become cherished heirlooms being passed down through generations.

kanju: Looking towards the future, how do you plan to evolve your family-driven business while staying true to your roots?

Lindi: We would love to grow our Woven Home family by adding craftsmen to our team that will continue the use of traditional techniques of crafting timeless furniture for years to come.

kanju: What aspects of our collaboration with kanju Interiors and Woven Home are you most looking forward to?

Lindi: Being able to showcase our heritage technique of riempie weaving to a much wider audience and working with a dynamic team of women with a love for Africa, its people and our rich culture.

We are thrilled to debut our first collection with Woven Home and look forward to a vibrant partnership as we introduce their exquisite pieces to the United States. As Woven Home expands its collection, we anticipate a beautiful journey together, celebrating their craftsmanship and storytelling. Shop the full Woven Home Collection.