kanju's 1st Tanzanian Artisan Partner

kanju's 1st Tanzanian Artisan Partner

The following artisan partner story was written by Meg Bartos, the founder of kanju interiors. 

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. From the white-topped profile of Kilimanjaro to the sugar-white sands of Zanzibar, truly some of the most stunning natural places I have ever been blessed to lay eyes on are in Tanzania. And Dar es Salaam is such an incredibly fun and vibrant city. It is this affection and awe for Tanzania, and knowing that there are such fantastic creative hubs in Tanzania, that has spurred me to be on the lookout for years for a partnership that we could represent at kanju. 

The challenges of travel and trade during Covid meant that for a period of time, forming new partnerships was on hold for us. However these challenges have finally relaxed in the past 1-2 years, and we have kept a keen eye out for a perfect first partner in Tanzania to develop a unique decor collection with, and are thrilled to have found that in WomenCraft, a Fairtrade and also women-owned enterprise that employs over 600 artisans. 

We are connected to our neighbors on opposite corners of the world in very real ways, and small businesses are critical but often overlooked participants in global trade that drive job growth and enrich communities on both sides of the relationship in very real ways. 

Although WomenCraft has sold some of their stunning woven basketry into the US before in small batches, we are proud to announce the first large scale collection designed specifically for release here in the US and to be named as their primary partner. We hope that through this exciting new relationship WomenCraft woven artworks will soon be sold in the 130+ stores across the United States who carry African artisan products by kanju.

Shop our inaugural collection with this inspiring artisan partner.

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