June 22, 2022

Introducing Kanju's Brand New Baskets and Wall Décor from Malawi

Introducing Kanju's Brand New Baskets and Wall Décor from Malawi - Kanju Interiors

Brand New Pieces from Malawi! 

It's no secret that all of us at Kanju are obsessed with baskets! Big, small, wonky, wavy, neutral, colorful, we love them all - and we know you do, too!

So, we figured, why not offer more?

When we came across People of the Sun we were in awe! Their basket rangers were completely different than anything in our collection and perfectly embodied 'Stylish Storage' - not to mention their wall décor left us speechless.

We've been waiting MONTHS to announce this beautiful collection, so let's dive into the wonderful world of People of the Sun!


People of the Sun

"Malawi's artisans have a centuries-old craft tradition of using natural resources and generations of indigenous knowledge. Unfortunately, these time-honored traditions, embedded in craftsmanship, are in danger of being lost and artisans are too often underserved as part of the informal economy.

People of the Sun is committed to reviving these techniques, through business innovation and a shift in consumer perception surrounding the value of handcraft, through Design. People of the Sun has developed a Circular Value Chain, generating social and economic opportunity for artisans at the bottom of the supply chain, while providing the market with highly desired home décor and furniture.

In 2015, People of the Sun was awarded a SEED Award for its sustainable and innovative business model." - People of the Sun

To learn more about this amazing artisan group, check out the People of the Sun website here!


Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...

Here are the brand new products joining the Kanju Collection!


New Baskets


New Wall Décor


We are so excited to *finally* be able to introduce these new products to you and we are eager to hear what you think!

Everything is available now so make sure to grab yours before they're gone!