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African Flowers Bamboo Diffuser Set

African Flowers Bamboo Diffuser Set

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Experience the essence of Africa with our African Garden diffuser flowers. Crafted from porcelain and mounted on bamboo, this reusable set features 5 exquisite blooms. From the courage of the King Protea to the charm of the Blushing Bride and the vibrant Clivia, each flower carries a unique symbolism. The Namaqua Daisy and Agapanthus bring desert beauty and tenderness. Elevate your room's ambiance with these fragrant and elegant additions to any diffuser.


  • Measurement 9.5-10"H
  • Materials Porcelain and Reed
  • Color White
  • Origin South Africa


Purely Porcelain

Welcome to the world of Purely Porcelain, a captivating Cape Town-based ceramic studio that embodies the essence of botanical beauty in its exquisite handmade jewelry and home decor pieces.

Founders Fiona and Megan, a dynamic mother and daughter duo, infuse their creations with a profound love for their craft. Every piece of porcelain artistry is meticulously sculpted by their small dream team, radiating the passion and dedication that goes into each creation.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of natural flora and fauna in the Western Cape, as well as the timeless illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker, Purely Porcelain captures the very essence of these botanical wonders. Their collection spans across handmade porcelain jewelry, captivating tableware, and enchanting decor items, all bearing the signature touch of this creative pair.

Fiona, with her extensive background as a potter, ventured into the realm of porcelain jewelry in 2012, bringing a wealth of experience and innovation to the brand. Megan, an accomplished Art Director with a history in advertising, joined forces with her mother to give life to Purely Porcelain. The synergy between their talents has yielded an array of simple yet unique designs that have swiftly gained the affection of both local patrons and visitors from afar.

At Purely Porcelain, evolution is constant as they continually explore novel techniques and design avenues. This dedication to growth ensures that their product range is ever-expanding and evolving, promising something new and exciting with every visit.

Indulge in the allure of Purely Porcelain as they bring botanical wonders to life, celebrating the beauty of nature and artistry in each delicate piece they create.

Watch Purely Porcelain Behind The Scenes Video.

Care & Maintenance

Diffuser Flower Care Instructions
1. Pop flowers straight into your room diffuser to absorb and diffuse the oil.
2. To reuse, soak bamboo sticks in boiling water with a heaped tablespoon of salt for 1 hour,
making sure the water reaches the top of the reeds (flower heads don’t need to be soaked).
3. After soaking, let the reeds dry naturally. Once completely dry, pop them into your new diffuser.

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