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Spices of Africa Gift Box Set

Spices of Africa Gift Box Set

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Unlock the flavors of Africa with our Spices of Africa box. Designed for both aspiring chefs and cooking enthusiasts, this collection of 8 versatile spice varieties will elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Whether you're a vegan, or vegetarian, or love cooking meat and fish dishes, these spices will add a touch of culinary magic to your meals. Each spice is accompanied by simple traditional African food pairing ideas, ensuring authentic and delicious results. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey!


  • Measurements 8"L x 7"W x 1.5"H
  • Selections Contain Moroccan Ras El Hanout
    North African Berbere
    African Herb Salt
    Traditional Braai Spice
    Tunisian Harissa
    Egyptian Dukkha
    East African Curry
    Cape Malay Curry
  • Origin South Africa

It may contain gluten, soy, celery, sesame, mustard, sulfites


African Spices Collection – Spices

Embark on a tantalizing journey through the vibrant culinary landscapes of Africa with the Spices of Africa Box Set. Curated with love and dedication, this collection of handcrafted spice vials brings you the authentic flavors and aromatic profiles of the African continent, right in the comfort of your kitchen.

At kanju Interiors, we believe that the soul of a culture resides in its cuisine. Inspired by this belief, we have meticulously sourced and curated the Spices of Africa Box Set to showcase the diverse and enchanting flavors that define African cooking.

Let us introduce you to the vibrant spices that await within the Spices of Africa Box Set. Indulge your senses and experience the rich tapestry of African flavors:

  1. Moroccan Ras El Hanout: A blend of warm spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric, and cinnamon, capturing the essence of Moroccan cuisine. It adds depth and complexity to tagines, couscous, and roasted meats.
  2. North African Berbere: A fiery blend of chili peppers, ginger, paprika, and an array of aromatic spices, bringing the flavors of North Africa to your dishes. It adds a kick to stews, grilled meats, and vegetable dishes.
  3. African Herb Salt: A versatile seasoning that combines the finest African herbs with sea salt, adding a burst of flavor to roasted vegetables, grilled meats, and salads.
  4. Traditional Braai Spice: A classic South African blend, perfect for barbecues and grilling. With a mix of spices and herbs, it elevates the flavor of meats, chicken, and vegetables.
  5. Tunisian Harissa: A bold and spicy paste made from roasted chili peppers, garlic, and spices. It brings heat and depth to soups, stews, and marinades.
  6. Egyptian Dukkha: A nut and spice blend featuring roasted hazelnuts, sesame seeds, and aromatic herbs. It adds a crunchy texture and nutty flavor to salads, roasted vegetables, and dips.
  7. East African Curry: A fragrant and aromatic curry blend with a balance of spices, including turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon. It infuses depth and warmth into curries, rice dishes, and lentil stews.
  8. Cape Malay Curry: A flavorful blend with influences from Indian and Malaysian cuisines, featuring spices like cumin, coriander, and fenugreek. It adds a unique twist to curries, soups, and vegetable dishes.

The Spices of Africa Box Set is more than just a collection of spices; it is an invitation to explore the culinary wonders of Africa. Each spice vial tells a story of ancient traditions, regional specialties, and the vibrant cultural heritage of the continent.

By bringing the Spices of Africa into your kitchen, you not only elevate your dishes but also support the communities behind these authentic flavors. kanju Interiors is committed to fair trade practices and sourcing from local producers, ensuring that your culinary journey contributes to sustainable development and the empowerment of African communities.

Unlock the rich flavors of Africa with the Spices of Africa Box Set and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable adventure. Immerse yourself in the diverse aromas, tantalizing tastes, and colorful spices that define African cuisine.

Find an unlimited amount of recipes on the brands YouTube page.

Care & Maintenance

Do not use directly over steaming pots. Store in a cool, dry place.This product has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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