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African Wall Basket Decor | Old Makenge Basket | Wall Decor

African Wall Basket Decor | Old Makenge Basket | Wall Decor

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Infuse your space with the artistry of Makenge baskets. Handwoven by skilled craftswomen, these African baskets are perfect for adding personality and detail to any room. Each basket showcases a one-of-a-kind pattern, carrying messages of beauty, marriage, and family. With their authentic craftsmanship and meaningful designs, these baskets bring a touch of cultural richness to your home decor. Whether displayed on walls, desks, or other areas, Makenge baskets are a testament to the skill and tradition of African weaving.


  • Measurements Small 15.5" - 17"D
    Medium 17.5" - 18.5"D
    Large 18.5" - 22"D
    Extra Large 22" -26"D
  • Materials Makenge Bush Root
  • Colors Natural, Dark Brown, Grey
  • Origin Zambia


Heritage Décor― Vintage Makenge Baskets

Step into the world of Heritage Décor's Vintage Makenge Baskets and discover the captivating allure of these centuries-old treasures. These remarkable baskets carry with them a legacy of craftsmanship and cultural heritage that spans generations, making them a truly extraordinary addition to any space.

Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, Vintage Makenge Baskets hail from the heart of Africa, where the traditional art of basket weaving has been passed down through the ages. The baskets are woven using the fibers of the Makenge vine, a natural resource found in the lush forests of Africa. The vine's supple and durable fibers are skillfully transformed into intricate patterns and designs, showcasing the immense talent and mastery of the artisans.

Each Vintage Makenge Basket tells a unique story, reflecting the cultural traditions and heritage of the communities from which they originate. The patterns and motifs woven into these baskets hold symbolic meanings, often representing elements of nature, spirituality, or community life. As you gaze upon these exquisite pieces, you become connected to the rich tapestry of African culture, a living testament to the traditions that have shaped generations.

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Care & Maintenance

Style indoors or outdoors in a dry place.

Clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry.

Baskets will darken slightly and become more firm with age.

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