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African Modern Boho Fabric Wall Art Totem: Intention Bogolan Wall Totem

African Modern Boho Fabric Wall Art Totem: Intention Bogolan Wall Totem

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Whether displayed alone or in a group, the Intention Bogolan Wall Totem makes a magnificent addition to your wall or tabletop decor. These handmade pieces carry both a sense of ancient meaning and a contemporary aesthetic, blending tradition with modernity. Crafted from organic eco-cotton, they exude a soothing and natural quality. Each totem is meticulously made, preserving the generationally-taught process. Experience the harmonious fusion of art and culture with these unique and meaningful pieces.


  • Measurements Small 4.5"-5.5"W x58"-68"H
    Medium 5.5"-6.5"W x72-84"H
    Large 7"-7.5"W x 90"-104"H
  • Materials Cotton, Organic silt-based dyes, Wood
  • Colors Natural White, Black & Brown
  • Origin Mali


Symbolic Mudcloth Totems by AAAA Co-op

“Every detail matters. As above so below. As within so without. It all
comes together in whatever we create.” ~AAAA Co-op

For centuries, the artisans of Mali have been mastering the art of Bogolan textile-making, a traditional technique that involves creating hand-loomed fabric strips from locally grown and processed eco-cotton, and then dyeing and painting the cloths using natural materials such as mud, leaves, and bark. The resulting artworks embody symbolism of West African ancestry that the creators believe imbue spiritual meanings to the cloths, which is why they are also commonly known as medicine cloths.

Kanju proudly partners with AAAA Coop, a community-based initiative that brings together artisans from across Mali, offering a platform to showcase their skills and support their livelihoods. Through this independent cooperative, the artists keep their traditions alive while creating stunning works of art that transcend cultural boundaries, and then share them with the world.

Each Bogolan Totem Cloth is a masterpiece of intricate patterns, created as a community effort from the weaving of the cloth, through dyeing and painting the individual pieces, to the locally created, sustainable packaging. The designs are inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Mali, incorporating symbols and motifs that reflect beliefs about the human spirit and our connections to one another.

To learn more about our Bogolan Wall Totems, check out our blog post.

Discover more about this artisan partner through their beautiful Brand Videos.

Care & Maintenance

Style indoors in a dry place.

If soiled, gently spot-treat by hand washing in cold water and allow to air dry.

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