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Macrame Coasters Set of 4

Macrame Coasters Set of 4

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Add a touch of boho-inspired style to your home with the Macrame Coaster Set. These handmade coasters feature intricate macrame designs that are both stylish and functional. Made from natural fibers, these eco-friendly coasters not only protect your surfaces but also add a unique and artisanal element to your décor. Whether you have a bohemian, coastal or farmhouse-inspired interior, these coasters will complement your style perfectly.


  • Measurements: 7"D
  • Materials: Eco-Cotton
  • Colors: Natural white, Charcoal, and Sage Green
  • Origin: South Africa

Sold in Sets of 4 Only.


Croise Handmade - Creative Crochet with a Mission

Introducing Croise Homemade–a heartfelt manifestation of passion and creativity, masterfully helmed by visionary Nicki. What began as a personal odyssey to try to find and create meaningful employment during the challenging months of 2020 has flourished into an inspiring venture dedicated to crafting exquisite décor. At the core of Croise Homemade is Nicki's passion for crochet and macrame textile artwork. That passion is joined with an unwavering commitment to nurture a sisterhood of like-minded artisans, fostering empowerment and weaving opportunities for growth through this beloved and age-old skill set.

With years of dedicated practice, the artisans at Croise Homemade have honed their skills to a radiant brilliance, interlocking with fellow craftspeople in a symphony of creativity. This harmonious collaboration ensures that every piece they lovingly conceive carries the stamp of impeccable quality.

With an environmentally conscious touch, Croise diligently seeks out materials that echo the rhythms of nature, embracing recycled materials that will also be lovely and durable for long use. Every creation narrates a tale of depth and texture, while focused on items which have a tangible, functional elegance.

Through their art, Croise Handmade's artisans beckon you to embrace the stories they craft, and invite their creations to transform your living spaces into galleries of soulful expression.

Care & Maintenance

Style indoors in a dry place.

Dry clean as needed for cleaning or spot treatment.

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